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Beneshwar Lok Vikas Sansthan is a Non - government organization (NGO) working for the development of the tribal area of banswara district of southern rajasthan. The organization is working on the track of community participation at all levels of planning- implementation and monitoring. Out track in the community is passing through the democratic values and transport working. Beneshwer Lok Vikas Sansthan (BLVS) believes that any project or activity can not achieve the target without community awareness toward the objectives goal of the programme. So the BLVS is working on grass root level for positive achievements through community participation.


Why People Join Us


• To promote the importance of education and health in the community and provide possible help with a special focus on vulnerable sections of the society.
• To mobilize youth and women groups for taking up income generation and micro credit activities. To facilitate the tribal particularly the women to understand the process and importance of local self-governance and enhance their active participation.
• Sensitization of women and other vulnerable section of the society towards their basic rights and equity in person.
• To maintain and promote the rich folklore and ritual traditions of Vagad through various art and cultural activities, like Sandarbh artists workshops, clown theater etc.
• Socio-Cultural development program for Vagad in Vagad Art–Culture–Heritage–Literature research and documentation.


BLVS focus on working at the grass root level to maintain active indulgence with the unprivileged classes. To achieve realistic results, the organization is working on the track of community participation at all levels of planning- implementation and monitoring.


To work towards the promotion of social, cultural as well as personal acquaintanceship amongst the vulnerable to strengthen effective articulation of their needs and make them gain access and control over their resources.

Target Group

Majority of the population, including the Bhil tribal communities, are surviving with lack of basic facilities and opportunities for development. The children and women of these communities are living in very pitiable and adverse conditions concerning health, education-awareness as well as their rights to participate in family and social life. Youths of these communities are also migrating to nearby cities for better opportunities, and some are getting involved in criminal and anti social activities due to lack of proper direction and guidance for better living.

Fact & Figures

• Founded in 2003 as a non profit, non government organization.
• 6 employees, 5 volunteers, and over 400 visiting Practitioners from India and abroad
• Working in 5 Blocks in Banswara
• Yearly budget: 26,000,00.00 (year 2012-13)
• Newspaper appearance in 2003-10: 2 Articles, 500 news of various Regular Activities
• Television documentaries on E tv Rajasthan


1. Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Govt of India
2. Art and Culture Department Goverment of Rajasthan
3. https://ourmicrocreditproject.wordpress.com
4. SGSY Under DRDA- Banswara.
5. Nabard - Jaipur
6. Block Offices , District Departments ( Women Department, Child Department , Information center ,Education Department etc. )
7. Sandarbh

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